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Botanica2020 was hosted as a virtual conference and trade show and featured over 30 hours of  lectures and masterclasses with expert
speakers from around the world!

You may now register to obtain unlimited access to all of these recordings!

What’s more, selected recordings from previous botanica recordings (2012-2018) are also now available!

  • Important information:
    Online access to botanica recordings is hosted through the Essential Oil Resource Consultants (EORC) website in collaboration with the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy (IJCA).
    Once you have signed up for access (this is termed ‘Membership’ below), no refund is possible.
    By registering for this dedicated password-protected membership and accessing the recordings, you agree to the IJCA & EORC conditions of single person access and respect of copyright.
    This subscription is for one-person access only. You may not share this subscription with other parties.
    You may not download, copy or share any aspects of these recordings without express permission from both the botanica organisers and the individual speakers themselves.
    If you do not comply with these conditions, your access may be
    terminated and your access withdrawn.

Click here for the list of botanica2020 lectures and masterclasses

Click here for the list of recordings from previous botanica editions (2012-2018)

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