Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy International Seminar 2021

The Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy International Seminar
May 21st & 22nd, 2021


This online clinical aromatherapy seminar provided practitioners, researchers and clinicians the opportunity to update and extend knowledge and skills, network with peers, source suppliers and share experiences of
using essential oils in the hospital, hospice and other clinical
With 28 speakers from around the world, this third edition was organised by Rhiannon Lewis to further promote the use of essential oils in clinical environments.

All lectures and content for the third seminar in 2021 were recorded. They are now accessible for viewing through this page. 

Speakers included:
Marianne Tavares (Canada): “Making a Difference: The pitfalls,
challenges and successes of developing and integrating aromatherapy services.”

Pascale Frennet (Belgium): “Supporting chronically neuro-injured
patients and those suffering from severe neurological pathologies with essential oils and massage: Permanent adaptation and personalization of care.”

Thomas Schlager (Austria): “The role of essential oils and hydrosols in the care of wounds and surrounding skin.”
Isabelle Sogno-Lalloz (France): “The challenges and rewards of
orking as an aromatherapist in a French hospital.”

Dawn Langley-Brady (USA): “Essential oils as adjuvants for
chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.”

Wendy Maddocks (New Zealand): “Aromatherapy in Clinical Nursing and Midwifery practice: A review 2004-2019.”
Sandy Van Vuuren (South Africa): “Unravelling the complexity of
antimicrobial blends.”

Madeleine Kerkhof (The Netherlands): “Integration of aroma care in a critical care setting: a personal journey.”
Rhiannon Lewis (France): “Feeling green? What works for nausea?
Evidence, applications and tips for success.”

Linda-Anne O’Flaherty (South Africa): “Improving care with
aromatherapy massage for children admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit: an observational before-after study.”

Carol Scheidel (USA): “15 years of Clinical Aromatherapy at Texas Health Fort Worth Hospital.”
Jacqui Stringer (UK): “Aroma Sticks; the little gems of aromatherapy in acute oncology.”
Ka Man Cheung (Hong Kong)“Speaking the same language: the key to start practicing in a clinical environment.”
Emma Tyrer (UK): “Staff attitudes and experience of an NHS ward-based aromatherapy service.”
Carolina Chaccur Abou Jamra (Brazil): “Incorporating essential oils into psychiatric practice: experiences from a psychiatrist and

Mary Atkinson (UK): “Sensory Stories: bringing connection and
relaxation through the Story Massage Programme.”

Denise Joswiak (USA): “Integrating aromatherapy into healthcare
settings: from education to implementation.”

Izumi Aoyama (Japan):
“The effects of aromatherapy on neuropathic cancer pain: Concept analysis of enriched environmental care.”
Hiroko Kubo (Japan): 
“Aromatherapy in Home Medical Care in Japan.”
Judy Gopsill (UK): “Personalised aromatherapy delivery in both clinical and rural community settings: case examples and tips for successful integration.”
Trisha Dunning (Australia): “Is there a place for aromatherapy in diabetes clinical care?”

Penny Price (UK): “Aromatherapy for grief and bereavement.”
Claire Chauffour-Ader (France): “Breathing space: aromatic interventions in an integrative supportive care cancer clinic.”
Rebeca Ledersnaider (Mexico): “Home care aromatherapy for the elderly and those with different dementias.”
Michelle Ensley (USA): “Aromatherapy as a hospice comfort therapy modality.”
Ruth Skinner (UK): “Building bridges: The keys to establishing a complementary therapy service within a medical environment.”
Ann Carter (UK): “Aromatic memories and guided imagery: Exploring the therapeutic concept of Evoked Aromatic Memory (EAM).””

Irene Wong Tsui Fung (Hong Kong): “An integrated approach of Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping and Aromatherapy: A knee pain case illustration.”

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