International Clinical Aromatherapy Network

The International Clinical Aromatherapy Network (ICAN) is the brainchild of Rhiannon Lewis and was launched May 31st, 2021. 

Seeking to support all professionals connected with the use essential oils in aromatherapy, ICAN offers its members a range of benefits to foster and promote dynamic collaborations, networking and advancement of the aromatherapy field. 

ICAN members access resources such as articles, interviews, forums, specialized interest groups, events, latest news as well as connect with quality suppliers related to the aromatherapy field. 
Each ICAN member has an individualized profile page and can connect directly with other ICAN users located around the world.

With over 1000 users to date, ICAN is a one-stop international educational resource and networking tool for the professional aromatherapist.

A respected professional and aromatherapy educator and director of both IJCA and EORC, Rhiannon has a decades-long career in the field of clinical aromatherapy as well as a passion for creating opportunities for networking and learning between aromatherapy professionals through her hosting of international aromatherapy seminars and conferences.

With dynamic features such a Zoom-integration for live on-line learning and events, a digital map that displays members in their native cities and a professional resource library of articles and research, ICAN is the most exciting development in clinical aromatherapy and professional networking to launch in 2021.

To my knowledge, nothing like ICAN has been created before that offers such a safe professional space: from social networking to continued professional development to online educational events – all curated specifically for aromatherapists and associated professions

Rhiannon Lewis
ICAN host

Several groups and networks already exist for aromatherapists, but access is typically limited to those with a specific accreditation or association membership. ICAN creates an opportunity for members to join regardless of their affiliation and thus gives them valuable membership and access to the global aromatic community. It offers tiered membership plans: aromatherapy professionals, aromatherapy students and businesses related to the aromatherapy field such as schools, producers and suppliers.

Rhiannon Lewis
ICAN host