Essential OIl Resource Consultants

providers of information, education & research in the field of essential oils

Welcome to Essential Oil Resource Consultants

Essential Oil Resource Consultants (EORC) are providers of research, education and information in the field of essential oils and aromatherapy.

With experience spanning over 3 decades, EORC promotes excellence in safe and effective essential oil use as well as striving to provide up to date and relevant information to all users of essential oils.

EORC is a registered company based in France and headed by Rhiannon Lewis.
Whilst being based in the mountains of Provence, EORC’s reach and ongoing impact is truly international, connecting users of essential oils around the world.

EORC accomplishes its mission of providing research, education and information in 5 main ways:

  • Education
  • Conference events
  • Publishing
  • Networking
  • Consultancy


Through a range of online and in-person programs, Rhiannon offers a palette of evidence-based learning opportunities as well as providing customised classes for private or public institutions…


Through her work and extensive travels, Rhiannon has developed an extensive network of professional connections in the scientific and aromatherapy worlds. Bringing these actors together to share their research and passion was a natural step…


Sharing information related to the ever-increasing evidence based for aromatherapy integration is an essential part of EORC’s mission…



EORC is convinced that networking and information sharing is an essential part of healthy aromatherapy integration.
In 2021, EORC created the International Clinical Aromatherapy Network (ICAN), the only independent online network for all aromatherapy professionals…


EORC is available for consultancy on projects related to aromatherapy provision including guidance for formulations, curriculum development, essential oil chemistry, specialist topic deep dives and evidence gathering.


Snapshots from Provence
Essential Oil Resource Consultant's home base is close to fields of medicinal and aromatic plants, distilleries and mountainsides of wild aromatics located in a protected regional park
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“Aromatherapy is my passion.
Passing my passion on to you is what I do best”

Rhiannon Lewis